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Specializing in the sales, service and installation of petroleum equipment

  Complete aboveground storage and fueling
systems — from design/installation to operation

The aboveground installation division of Mascott Equipment has
left their mark throughout the Northwest...in the form of projects
completed. From the beginning, under the guidance of Scott
Milsted, we can assist in the design and specification of complete
aboveground storage and dispursement systems.

With the regulatory requirements for underground storage tanks,
many businesses look to aboveground tanks as a way of lessening
their liability.

With over 40 years experience in aboveground design and
installation, Mascott is familiar with what it takes to do the job
right. We can provide you references from satisfied customers,
and can also assist you with guidance as to specific regulatory
issues. Contact Scott Milsted, our AST installation manager.

Our installation crews are prepared with all the necessary equipment
and fittings onboard, including welding and pipe threading
equipment, to ensure your project goes smoothly and as quickly
as possible.

For all of your fueling needs — from plans and permits to installation
and dispensing, count on Mascott Equipment.
NORTHWEST PETROLEUM, Clackamas OR — This bulk storage plant
involves eleven 6,000 gallon vertical tanks. Site work, including
piping and plumbing, was performed by Mascott's AST installation
team. Explosion-proof centrifugal pumps and positive displacement
meters are integrated into this system.

ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL, Tualatin, OR — On-site vehicle fueling
that includes dual fueling points and a PetroVend fuel
management controller. This project, with all components supplied
by and installation performed by Mascott Equipment, also provided
'low fill' piping, which allows top loading of the tank from ground
level. An overfill prevention valve stops loading at 95% capacity.

TO THE RIGHT: JIFFY LUBE, Sherwood OR — Our installation team also installs and plumbs lubrication facilities, and provides accessories such as this catwalk assembly that rests over oil storage tanks in the 'pit' area. Lube technicians walk the length of the catwalk while performing under-car maintenance like oil changes and lubrication service.


REXIUS FOREST PRODUCTS, Eugene OR — A 12,000 gallon UL-2085
Fireguard tank utilizes a submersible pump feeding two dispensing
points, one on either side of the tank at the forefront end. Fuel
management is provided by a PetroVend card system using the
Pacific Pride network. 'High hose' retrievers allow for extended
hose lengths. Product piping includes anti-siphon protection. The
'low fill' spill container is located at the rear of the tank, visible to
the right.


APPLE VALLEY PETROLEUM, Wenatchee WA — Not only are our
installers involved in aboveground tank projects (we do aviation
systems, too — see Aviation Systems), we install loading racks.
This project involved four loading arms.

The picture at upper left shows the loading rack framing, and
access stairway. Above, with the rack roof in place, piping for
the loading system lays staged for installation.

The completed rack system is shown at left.


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