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Specializing in the sales, service and installation of aviation fueling equipment
AVIATION SYSTEMS   Design, Installation, Expertise

Aviation Parts Catalog

This complete self-serve AvGas assembly was designed, assembled and installed by Mascott. The 12,000 gallon Fireguard tank includes 'Low Fill' tank loading, all external piping, a 'Weights &Measures' positive
displacement meter, hose and static grounding reels and
a card-activated fuel
management system.
  Whether a small, basic aviation fueling system for a private or rural airstrip a large dispensing layout at an airport or bulk fuel storage, Mascott Equipment has the background in designing, providing and installing a quality and efficient system to serve your needs.
Bulk storage systems come in 100, 200, 300 and 400gpm discharge versions, with tanks of up to 40,000 gallon capacity. Self-serve aviation systems have 25, 50 and 100gpm options.

Our pre-wired electrical control systems meet Class 1, Division 1 codes. Piping and fittings are Type 304L stainless steel. All piping is fully welded and tested prior to shipment to the jobsite.

Throughout the Pacific Northwest are complete aviation fueling and storage assemblies that involved Mascott Equipment from the design and planning stage. As a petroleum equipment distributor with access to many of the top lines in the industry, our working knowledge of aviation fueling systems provides to you with a dependable, quality product.

Examples of select aviation systems are to the left and below.
In addition to complete tank and accessory systems, Mascott Equipment can also
provide subassemblies
for projects both domestic and abroad. This JP-8 filter
assembly is skid-mounted and
eventually was put
into service at a military site in Diego Garcia, part of the
Chagos Archipelago in
the Indian Ocean.

Two 12,000 gallon UL-2085 labeled Fireguard tanks installed at the Port's bulk farm. The saddle-mounted tanks include extension platforms for the dispensing accessories. The entire system was plumbed
and assembled by Mascott Equipment.



This 12,000 gallon Jet-A fueling assembly has the capability of both overwing and single point fueling. It includes incoming filtration. The Mascott-designed and installed system pumps 200gpm.

  Our installation team can come in to handle tank setting and the connection and plumbing of the accessory package. To minimize the time spent on-site during the final installation process, as much pre-assembly of components as possible occurs before we arrive at the jobsite.

For self-service applications, we can provide fuel management systems (cardlocks), for either a proprietary system (private fueling) or public system accepting credit or major oil cards.

Our aviation systems come with comprehensive operations manuals that include electrical and piping drawings.

Contact Charles Marino, Mascott's aviation systems specialist for your next aviation-related project.

Our experience and knowledge includes providing basic fueling assemblies for private or small rural landing strips. The 1000 gallon rectangle tank has an extension platform for both a cabinet- encased hose reel (with digital gallons- dispensed display) and a card-activated fuel management system.

Another example of a subassembly provided by Mascott. This skid extension was sent abroad for military use. The electric-rewind hose reel includes tested and certified aviation hose, aircraft fueling nozzle, a static grounding reel and aviation fuel meter.

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