Mission Critical Products

  • Mascott Equipment manufactures horizontal and vertical stainless steel fill/spill boxes by design, including but not limited to:

    Typical Design:

    • 90 degree camlok elbow with integral check valve and cap
    • Full-port butterfly isolation valve
    • Hazardous location 95% level, positive shut-off 110v electronic, solenoid valve
    • Low point drain opening
    • Internal, Isolated electronic alarm compartment
    • Single or multi tank UL audible and visual overfill alarm with silence/reset button
    • On wall or flush mount design
    • 304 stainless steel construction for weather-proof, zero maintenance finish
    • Lockable water-tight door with piano hinge door
    • Fuel type identification decal

    Typical Options:

    • In-line swing check valve
    • Prime painted exposed exterior to match building color (final paint color finish by others)
    • Single, dual or triple tank fill headers
    • Full port ball valves in place of butterfly disc valves (for space savings)
    • Grounding lug for non-diesel applications
    • Flange connections or NPT connections
    • Out the back or top discharge connections

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  • Mascott Equipment custom fabrication pump skids for supply and return fuel applications. Size and GPM flows per customer application requirements. Epoxy enamel finish.

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  • Decals & Signage available from Mascott Equipment

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  • Containment Solutions manufacturers the finest quality UL 1316 petroleum storage tanks for underground storage systems. Backed with a 30-year corrosion limited warranty, our single and double-wall fiberglass tanks are inherently non-corrosive, safely storing standard petroleum fluids, biofuels and biodiesels, ethanol and ethanol blends, ultra-low sulfer diesel, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). CSI is the largest American fiberglass tank manufacturer with sizes ranging from 550 to 50,000 (4’ to 12’ diameter) gallon single wall and 550 to 40,000 (4’ to 10’ diameter) double wall and even triple wall tanks. Add to all this CSI containment sumps for water and fuel tight piping transition and you have the most secure FRP tank system on the market. Also available from CSI, pre-fabricated deadmen tank anchors and FRP hold-down straps for single, double, and triple-wall fiberglass storage tanks; engineered to American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards.

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  • Modern Welding manufacturers high quality, storage tanks, steel ductwork, custom-built pressure vessels, fractioning columns, and structural steel.

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  • Simplex Day tank capacities of 10, 25, 60, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 for class II liquid > 100 degree F flash point, UL508A integrated controller, pump sizes for 2-25 GPM, 1/3 to 1.5 HP, construction for UL142 secondary containment tank (double wall) suitable for indoor (standard) or outdoor (optional) installation, Carolina Vermillion (tank) Simplex Coastal Haze (controller) finishes. Simplex is also experts at building products that meet our customer’s exact requirements.

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  • CSI - Design and manufacture electrical control systems, UL-508A listed for standard Industrial Control Panels as well as ETL (USA) and C-ETL (Canada). These panels are customs designed for controlling emergency generator day tanks, belly tanks and bulk storage tank automation to bring all components together as a working system. Locally designed, built and serviced.

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  • Indoor/outdoor, EPA/UL compliant, in-tank and secondary containment leak detection systems for MISSION CRITICAL applications including PLLD Pressurized Line Leak Detection requirements coming in 2020!

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  • T5-550 EVO Fuel Management System
    INCON™ brand TS-550 evo and TS-5000 evo fuel management systems bring a new level of usability and functionality. A highly evolved user interface and blisteringly-fast new processor based on the proven T5 Series platform makes everything from daily functions to advanced setup and programming simple for every user.

    Interface Evolved
    Life happens in full color; so should fuel management. The brilliant color of the 7” touch screen brings a new level of user-friendliness, allowing you to navigate more easily by color instead of memorizing buttons and locations. Vibrant new icons and programmable product colors make this the most intuitive tank gauge available. Features include:
    • Brilliant full color, animated display
    • Intuitively re-designed icons and buttons
    • Programmable product colors
    • Familiar to existing users but easy for new ones

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  • The Omntec PROTEUS OEL8000IIIX is a comprehensive yet robust automatic tank gauging and leak detection system that simultaneously monitors product levels, water levels, temperature, and leaks in up to 16 tanks.
    The PROTEUS OEL8000IIIX accepts up to 64 of OMNTEC’s Bright Eye (BX Series) sensors for distinguishing hydrocarbons from water or for simply detecting the presence of a liquid. A distinct advantage of Bright Eye sensors is that they are networked and utilize a 4 wire bus technology which results in significant savings on installation costs. A built in microprocessor gives each sensor the ability to identify itself and it’s location, and is displayed along with alarm conditions on the PROTEUS OEL8000IIIX’s 7” color touch screen graphic display.
    With advanced technology and enhanced features like it’s user friendly 7” color touch screen, the PROTEUS OEL8000IIIX makes it easier than ever to navigate and interface with your Automatic Tank Gauge

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  • The Veeder-Root® family of Automatic Tank Gauge offers the stability, security and simplicity your site needs to propel your business into the future. Our fuel level monitoring systems automate your fuel reconciliation and compliance reporting so that you have access to critical fuel site data at all times.

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  • Fuel Technologies Int’l automatic Diesel Fuel Polishing Systems for small single tank systems to multiple tank systems of 60,000 gallons or less. As with all Fuel Tech USA emergency generator fuel filtration systems, FTI can equip you with a low cost effective fuel filtering system and diesel maintenance system to ensure the quality and function of your emergency generator fuel when you need it most!

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  • Morrison Bros. Co. has over 1200 different products forming the most complete line of above ground storage tank valve and venting equipment manufactured in the world. The products cover a broad spectrum of the industry, including tank trim for reliable volumetric venting, emergency venting, overfill protection, mechanical level gauging and fire protection for above ground tanks, day tank storage and transfer for generator supply, environmental monitoring and certain industrial applications for fuel and water systems

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  • Magnatrol has been manufacturing bronze and stainless steel solenoid valves for process control covering a wide range of air and liquid handling applications for more that 75 years. Valves are MADE IN THE USA, manufactured and tested in-house following quality assurance standards under the control of our dedicated, experienced staff. Standard shipment is 3 - 7 days with rush orders shipped the same or next day.

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  • Franklin Fueling Submersible turbines in tank fueling pumps range from 1/3 HP to 5 HP, fixed speed and variable speed, variable length, top pull-out design for easy removal, built in check valve, optional MagShell motor design for higher flows.

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  • Advanced Protection - Powder-coated and E-coated finishes protect cast iron surfaces from accelerated corrosion due to microbial growth. Stainless steel fasteners, riser, variable length column pipe and coupler protect against corrosion and provide long service life. UL and cUL listed.

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  • The GMC series is designed for applications in the operating ranges noted below. Direct connecting to other pieces of equipment provides an extremely compact system design. The six sizes of Gorman-Rupp close coupled pumps connect to standard NEMA C" flanges. Rotor shaft bores accept standard motor shafts; 5/8" standard, 7/8", 1-1/8" and 1-3/8" are optional. Metric coupling also available. At synchronous speeds, extra drive equipment, including couplings or outboard bearings, is not required. For continuous service, or for handling viscous liquids, see the heavy duty GHS section. GPM from 3 to 38, pressures to 200 PSI, cast iron, 180 degree ports.

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  • Designed for use in refineries, lube oil plants and general industry for processing, filling and transfer applications, the Iron Line XL pump line features replaceable casings, liners and end discs that allow easy rebuilding of the pumping chamber to like-new condition without removing the pump from the piping. Self-priming, ductile iron, motor speed design with built-in relief valve. 1.25 and 1.50 FNPT sixes, up to 150 psi differential, flows from 4 – 35 GPM.

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  • Construction SECON-X® is a flexible pipe system with a single stainless steel primary pipe capable of being tested and even monitored (underground installations only) for leaks. The SECON-X® double wall pipe system consists of a helically corrugated stainless steel primary pipe and a PA/LDPE secondary containment pipe. Helical channels are formed by the geometry of the primary pipe around the circumference, aided by longitudinal channels in the secondary pipe. Both extend over the entire length of the pipe. These longitudinal channels between the primary and secondary pipe provide the necessary annular space for the safe and contained flow of leaking product along and within the integral pipe. Sizes and Pressure ratings Available sizes: 1", 1 ½", 2" and 3" Max. operating pressure: 145 PSIG /10.0 bar (except 3") or to full vacuum. The operating temperature range is –13 °F to +122 °F.

    FLEXWELL-HL flexible pipe system made of 316L SS primary AND secondary pipe operating at pressures up to 145 PSI with a monitorable interstitial space between the two. The pipe is corrosion protected with a polyethylene jacket. Sizes in 1”, 1.5”, 2” and 3”, temp ratings from -58F degrees to + 122F.

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  • OmegaFlex Doubletrack environmentally-friendly flexible petroleum piping system offers a zero permeation double wall system and, because it is flexible, it is the easiest product to install. Zero permeation means DoubleTrac® is an industry leader in safety as well as the most cost-effective solution for underground or aboveground storage tank systems for all fuel applications.
    The DoubleTrac® system passed Praxair’s Tracer Tight®, CGRS iota® VaporTite V005, and Leak Technologies’ MDleak™ test methods. The MDleak™ test resulted in a tightness leak rate standard of 0.000001 gph – a rate exceeding California’s leak rate by 1000 times.

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  • The UPP® electrofusion welding process is safe and simple to complete in any climate and virtually any weather condition. An installer simply preps the components, fits them together attaching welder leads to the fitting, and then presses a single button on the welding unit to initiate the process. The welder unit itself calculates the exact settings required to complete the weld, regardless of the pipework diameter or temperature, leaving no settings for the installer to input. Pipe outer layer: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) grade PE100 • Pipe liner layer: Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) resin liner • Pipe intermediate layer: Tie-layer which permanently bonds HDPE outer layer to EVOH resin liner layer • Temperature rating: -22 °F to 122 °F • Primary pipe pressure rating: 90 psi • Secondary pipe pressure rating: 58 psi • 1½" and 2" double wall pipe bend radius: 3'3", 3" and 4" double wall pipe bend radius: 13'2", 2" single wall vent/vapor pipe bend radius: 3'3", 3" single wall vent/vapor pipe bend radius: 9'10"

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  • Red Thread™ HP pipe is a filament-wound product using epoxy resins and continuous glass filaments with a resin-rich interior surface. Pipe and fittings are available in 2- through 24-in. diameters with pressure ratings up to 450 psig static at a maximum operating temperature of 210 °F. Diameters up to 36 in. are available upon request. Compatible epoxy fittings are manufactured with the same chemical and temperature capabilities as the pipe. Depending on the part and size, fittings will be compression molded, contact molded, hand fabricated, or filament wound.

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  • Read here for a collection of helpful tools we've gathered along the way to assist in meeting the codes in the northwest!

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