Appreciation Post

Mascott Pasco, WA


I would like to extend my appreciation to the Mascott Pasco Service department for your outstanding service.  Over the last year and a half, Mascott has aided our business on a number of fronts critical to our operations, many times on short notice as problems arise.  Fuel is more than just a revenue stream for our business; it provides a critical service to our rural tribal community where access is limited at best.  We understand Mascott services a large area and sending someone on short notice to help address our immediate needs isn’t always easy.

This was most apparent when our Ruby’s system failed during a power outage.  Mascott representative Allen Bennet was dispatched to troubleshoot the problem.  The outage resulted in electronic damage beyond repair.  Pasco Service recommended purchasing newer technology as the original system was antiquated and would have needed replacement in the very near future anyway.  However, when the new system arrived, the service department quickly discovered it wasn’t operating properly for reasons beyond their control, so they had a tech drove through the night to Seattle to retrieve a working system as to avoid further delay in our fuel service to our community.  This displays the level of commitment Mascott has to its customers and their business needs.

We also recently had issues relating to our EPA compliance.  Here again, Pasco service came to our rescue.  He helped address our spill bucket and hydrostatic testing issues for compliance.  We can’t express enough our appreciation.

Thank you again for providing such outstanding service.

Michael Finley
Colville Indian Tribal Leader
Chairman of Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
Owner of Inchelium Short Stop

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