Diesel Tank Cleaning

Mascott Seattle, WA


June 11, 2019 – A total of 110 gallons of material was removed from the diesel tank, including sludge, Diesel Tank Cleaning microbial waste, residual water, and cloudy/dirty product. The top-left picture shows the beginning sample taken from the bottom of the diesel tank. Spill Rag CleaningThe top right and bottom left pictures show a spill rag and microbial waste/other debris that was removed from the bottom of the tank.

The bottom-right picture shows a sample of the diesel product after removal of the debris/waste/water at the Diesel Tank Cleaningbottom of the tank and circulation through the filtration system down to one micron. Debris from the spill rag was also removed from the turbine motor inlet screen. When the cleaning/filtering process was completed it was treated with a biocide and the diesel dispenser filters were replaced.Diesel Tank Cleaning

The recommendation would be to return in 90 days (mid-September) and remove any residual dead microbial organisms, retreat the tank with biocide by circulation into the product and replace diesel dispenser filters. A quote for that service is included

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