Fuel Oil System

Mascott Silverdale, WA


Mascott is partnering with Hermanson Company on for the Harrison Medical Center Acute Care Expansion project in Silverdale, Washington.

About the Silverdale Expansion

Our scope is for the Facility Fuel Oil System.  We will be providing the 40k fuel storage tank and appurtenances.  As well as a 20 GPM Fuel Filtration System with supporting equipment, and a Program Logic Control System to monitor the complete system.  This controls and monitors the complete fuel oil distribution and filtration system.  Therefore the end user would be able to see leak detection activity and tank gauges. In addition, they could see remote fill station activity, and fuel filtration information. They will also be able to customize programming for emergency shut off situations, fuel filtration scheduling, alarm levels for fuel (too low, too high, etc.).


Fuel Oil System