Water Intrusion

Mascott Pacific NW, US


How Mascott Equipment Company can help.

Living in the great northwest can be challenging if you own or operate a fuel station especially when it comes to water intrusion. If your equipment is not up to par water will find its way one way or another. A damaged sump lid is the most common way water enters the sump. As a result, the groundwater could be just a couple of feet below the surface and a bad sump joint will allow the groundwater to enter. The next point of entry is in the piping or conduit entry points, as you can see in the photos below.


Water Intrusion Water Intrusion

Although, most water intrusion issues can be rectified without having to break concrete. Only in extreme cases is it necessary.  Our team of experts are ready to assess your sump issues and come up with the most economical solution to get you in compliance.


Water Intrusion Water Intrusion

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Additional Photos

water Intrusion Water Intrusion Water Intrusion