Credit Card Skimmer Installed in 2 Seconds

  • July 13,2018
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Criminal installs a credit card skimmer in two seconds.

It only takes a criminal two seconds to set up a credit card skimmer, a device that can steal banking info from countless unsuspecting victims. Check out the video above.

A credit card skimmer is a portable capture device that is attached in front of or on top of the legitimate scanner. The skimmer passively records the card data as you insert your credit card into the real scanner. Credit card thieves will often temporarily affix the card skimmer device to gas pumps, ATMs, or other convenient self-service point-of-sale terminals. The bad guys like gas pumps and ATMs because they are easy to retrieve their skimmers from and they generally receive a lot of traffic.

How to avoid a credit card skimmer:
Trust your Instincts: If in Doubt, Use Another Pump. Our brains are excellent at recognizing things that seem out of place. If you get a sense that something looks off about the ATM you are about to use, you might be better off using one that you feel more comfortable with.

Avoid Using Your PIN at the Gas Pump, When you pay at the pump with your debit/credit card, you usually have the option to use it as a credit or a debit card.

Keep an Eye on Your Accounts,If you suspect that you might have had your card skimmed. Keep an eye on your account balance and report any suspicious activity immediately.

To see what some skimmers look like check out these examples of card skimmers so you’ll have an idea of what to look for.