Preventing Fuel-Storage Contamination

  • September 19,2017
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Opinion: Preventing Fuel-Storage Contamination
By: Ed Kammerer, CSP
September 15, 2017

Cincinnati – Water’s innate ability to work its way into every stray crack and crevice, oftentimes with harmful effects, can make life extremely difficult. Water intrusion is a constant threat to underground storage tanks (USTs) and, if unchecked, can cause great harm to the fueling system.

As ethanol-blended gasoline has become standard, the potential for “phase separation” has grown. Phase separation occurs when enough water contaminates the gasoline to cause the ethanol to attach itself to the water molecules, leaving two distinct layers of fuel in the storage tank: a gasoline only layer at the top an ethanol/water cocktail along the bottom. In turn, the gasoline/ethanol mix lowers the octane number of the fuel which can cause knocking in a vehicles engine.

Due to the potential for phase separation, motor fuels containing ethanol must not be exposed to water during its distribution or use. The key is eliminating the chance of harmful water intrusion at the source – the UST’s sump and spill-containment areas, or the spot at the ground surface where the tank receives fuel deliveries.

A recent advancement in this area has been the creation and refinement of the   Multi-port Containment Systems. The new-age system has two composite spill-containment covers located on a larger composite cover. The smaller covers can be removed in seconds, which allows easy access and quick connection of hoses to fuel- delivery and vapor-recovery piping.

Multiport systems are constructed of highly engineered glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composites that have the capability to keep sumps and spill-containment areas dry, which helps prevent water intrusion.

Too many manhole covers appear to be the straightforward answer; however over time the metal lids develop a bowl shape, are quite heavy and are high maintenance due to rust and corrosion.

Not only does these covers weight a third of what traditional manhole covers weight, but they do not rust or corrode over time nor does the changing weather conditions affect their shape.

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OPW 500 Series EVR Multi-Port               Franklin Fueling Multi-Port DMP36 or DMP42

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