Upgrade Your POS Equipment

  • December 14,2018
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Verifone’s pleased to announce a program that allows Chevron retailers and marketers to upgrade to its Award-Winning Commander Platform when replacing their indoor Wayne NAMOS Point-of-Sale (POS) system.  With the special pricing program announced by Verifone and the rebates announced by Chevron, retailers can take advantage of this great deal to replace their systems.

Verifone and Chevron are also working together on the EMV certification process for both Wayne and Gilbarco outdoor dispenser systems.  We expect this certified EMV software to be available in 2019, with downloadable software upgrades released for Commander on Wayne dispensers in late summer 2019. Followed by Gilbarco dispensers by the fall of 2019.  Chevron is discontinuing support for indoor Wayne POS systems. However, they will continue to support Wayne outdoor dispenser system upgrades to allow releases for EMV and future payment technologies.

Verifone also announced retailers can now receive both Verifone and Wayne customer support with a phone call.  For example, when a customer calls the Wayne help desk, the technician will do basic troubleshooting.  Verifone will transfer you directly to the help desk if you require additional help. No need to place a second call. The same procedure applies if a call is placed to the Verifone help desk and Wayne assistance is needed.  Verifone and Wayne commit to resolving technical problems quickly within a phone call from the customer.

Contact your local Verifone Distributor or Mascott Equipment Company for more details.