What you need to know about EMV

  • July 22,2019
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Don’t leave your customers on the hook for chargebacks

Why should you care about the EMV® liability shift? Starting October 1, 2020, your customers will be liable for all chargebacks due to payment fraud, putting them at greater financial risk. To make matters worse, stations that don’t upgrade will likely lose business to those that have already switched to EMV.
By partnering with Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), you can provide your customers with everything they need for a smooth, cost-effective transition. It’s a new selling vehicle for you and a great way to ensure strong customer relationships. By being their resource for all things EMV, you’ll help protect their businesses while growing your own—and create opportunities to sell them future upgrades and more.

We’ve launched an online resource center with the latest EMV information, along with a free downloadable Station Owner’s Guide for your customers. Visit www.doverfuelingsolutions.com/EMV
to explore the content. And be sure to share it with your customers so they can better navigate the conversion process.

What your customers need to know about EMV

Your customers need to know what’s at stake. Here are some key points to communicate:

  • Starting October 1, 2020, the liability for fraudulent payments will shirt from point-of-sale (POS) payment processors to station owners – including all chargebacks.
  • Stations that don’t convert to EMV will be bigger targets for criminals.
  • Stations processing payments with old-fashioned mag stripe technology will likely lose business to stations with safer, EMV-compliant solutions.
  • From assessment to implementation, converting takes time, so it’s crucial to start the process NOW.
  • The limited number of technicians will cause inevitable backlogs and those who wait will end up at the back of the line.
  • EMV conversion lets stations promote themselves as having more secure, advanced technology.

How can we help

Dover Fueling Solutions has everything your customers need for EMV compliance and beyond:


All current-model Wayne Ovation™ and Helix™ fuel dispensers offer the latest in payment security, including EMV compliance and contactless payments, plus forward-looking flexibility and advanced features.

Retrofit Kits

Regardless of dispenser manufacturer, the Wayne EMV, Wayne ECIM, and Wayne iX Pay™ T7 secure payment terminal retrofit kits will bring legacy dispensers up to date with EMV compliance. They also offer new features and a design refresh that will extend the life of the equipment and help grow your business. Additional options like wireless connectivity – for EMV-required TCP/IP Ethernet – and contactless readers are also available. Our retrofit kits work with the following dispensers:


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