Anthem Dispensers -AMPM


Welcome to tomorrow’s technology today in retail fueling equipment. Introducing DFS Anthem Dispensers UX Platform. First installation of an Anthem dispenser completed by Mascott Equipment for Woodland, WA Arco AMPM

Woodland Arco is under new ownership and boy are they turning this site around.  In the past year  Khushdip Hans and Paul Singh became the new owners of the Arco station in Woodland WA.  Upon taking over the site Khush and Paul reached out to Mascott for a proposal on Wayne Anthems for this site.

Dover Fueling sent out a couple of Anthem technicians to assist with the startup along with Mascott’s  service team.  Mascott Sales Rep John Howells, was there for the 2-day startup and everything went smooth and well.  On the 2nd day of startup, we watched customers young and old just pull up to the Anthems with glowing amazement at what they were seeing then continue to get fuel without any problems almost like they have used them for years.

The store Manager Raj, a customer for over 20 years, decided to do a grand re-opening to promote the new dispensers and looks.  He held a 5-day customer appreciation event, drawing hundreds of folks into his store. The event included free gifts and food for everyone! He also had customers fill out raffle tickets for some prizes that vendors, the owners, and Mascott donated.

Raj informs us that his fuel volume as well as his store sales have gone up tremendously since the Anthems were installed.  He has even had local restaurant and business owners inquiring if they can buy advertising space on his dispensers.

Mascott put together the below video on Arco AMPMs Grand Re-opening after upgrading to Anthem Dispensers. Next time you’re in the area, stop by to check out these state-of-the-art dispensers!